Ideas in the Works

Hunter Chasseur

This will be the back story to Katrine Marie Chasseur.  How she grew up.  How she became the Lead Hunter for a European Network. The struggles she had trying to sent up similar Network in America and finally her transition in the black market, gun running and an abusive relationship with Gale Ashley.

333:  A Story of Alice

This is a newly still developing idea.  Alice Kennis is an intelligent child who wants to be like her dad a famous scientist.  When her entire family dies in a house fire but she somehow escapes unharmed her guilt and sadness causes her neurosiss-OCD- to go into overdrive.   After losing her memory in an accident she is found by a vampire and then is taken in by a cult of St. Cuthbert followers.  Her drive to be a scientist stays with her almost as an instinct and Alice goes to school to follow her dream.