Working in the Writing Community

The movement of Self Publishing has many critics. Most say it is too easy for bad writing to get published.  Some say there is a plagiarism issue. Many struggle to gain traction, a wide readership for their works. Amazon and other platforms are working to address the plagiarism issues. Since Harlow Hunter and I publish … Continue reading Working in the Writing Community

Varied Interests

As I sit here watching the All Star Game with my friends I think about some advice from a Self Publishing Twitter Account I follow. Don't talk about yourself on your blog and make sure your post all have the same theme. Thinking back, rereading, I ponder this advice. My use of my own experiences … Continue reading Varied Interests

And Now For Something Completely Different

While I have been uninspired the last few days I thought to look back over some previous work.  This lead to the rediscovery of my poetry written for various college level English courses.  I had posted the collection of my poetry as one of my future project. When I started to go back over them … Continue reading And Now For Something Completely Different

Bratwurst. The Enlightened Post for the Day

I have mentioned before the difficulty in writing good sex scenes because of a lack of verbiage for the bottom half of the human anatomy. Moving beyond the problem of bratwurst, there are other writing faux pas an aspiring romance writer needs to watch out for. I have written gay sex, heterosexual sex, and … Continue reading Bratwurst. The Enlightened Post for the Day

Trimming the Fat from Writing (Instead of the Turkey)

Recently as I have been going back through my writings for the Bear and Hunter Series and editing I have discovered how much wasted word nonsense I wrote.  My co-author, Harlow Hunter, and I write via Skype's messenger service.  In the moment phrases, grammar and mediocre writing is somewhat acceptable if it gets the point … Continue reading Trimming the Fat from Writing (Instead of the Turkey)

High Expectations–Shoot Past the Moon

This post is going to be partly a rant, slightly political and general observations by me, A.C. Liddle. I will start with much lower can our expectations as a society be set?  At what point in the bar on the ground? In my humble opinion we have, as a society, have come to expect … Continue reading High Expectations–Shoot Past the Moon