Working in the Writing Community

The movement of Self Publishing has many critics. Most say it is too easy for bad writing to get published.  Some say there is a plagiarism issue. Many struggle to gain traction, a wide readership for their works. Amazon and other platforms are working to address the plagiarism issues. Since Harlow Hunter and I publish … Continue reading Working in the Writing Community

Editing Assistance

One of the Twitter accounts I follow suggested ProWritingAid as a tool for editing and polishing your writing. After checking out the free version and really liking how it worked I went ahead and downloaded the 14 day trial of the professional version. At the end of the 14 days they have different payment plans. … Continue reading Editing Assistance

The Tower

It has been forever since I have had a chance to get on my computer. Life again got in the way. I let it get in the way and let my work suck away my soul. On top of which my laptop went down for a couple of weeks. Funny...the day I got my laptop … Continue reading The Tower

Father Christmas–AKA Santa Clause

Cernunnos. The Great Horned God. Like many Christmas traditions Santa Claus is an adaption from a Germanic Tradition (this is not to say other traditions don't have their own versions of Santa Claus it is the "mainstream" idea of which I speak). To be complete in the understanding of Christmas traditions many of our now … Continue reading Father Christmas–AKA Santa Clause

Bratwurst. The Enlightened Post for the Day

I have mentioned before the difficulty in writing good sex scenes because of a lack of verbiage for the bottom half of the human anatomy. Moving beyond the problem of bratwurst, there are other writing faux pas an aspiring romance writer needs to watch out for. I have written gay sex, heterosexual sex, and … Continue reading Bratwurst. The Enlightened Post for the Day