Sneak Preview Of Coming Attractions

Katnes Marie Chassuer.jpgIsn’t there always the iconic scene where the distressed Hero has a PTSD dream, waking up in a cold sweat? Is this that moment for me? I am the hero of my story after all.

There is silence as I pad across the carpeted living room. Fell asleep on John’s couch again. Better than sleeping on concrete next to an industrial air duct. Better than wedging my ass into the crook of a tree branch. 

Yet, as I stretch somehow I am still sore in most of the same places. In the kitchen I find coffee and John. 

“No.” I say.

“Then no coffee.” He says, mid pour of the Elixir of Life.

My pout will be ineffective, I know. The tall black man has three kids after all.

“What, then?” I ask.

“You know.” He slides the mug across the counter to me.

I nod in gratitude. “It doesn’t help to talk about them.”

John hums and turns to the stove to start some butter drenched, bacon fat covered version of breakfast.

“Besides you know it. Same thing every time. Twisted. Dark. Blood. Screaming. Death.”

John always makes his coffee near boiling, and I somehow always forget.  “Goddamnit, John.” I hiss in pain.

John glances over, smirks, turns back to his bacon. “Yes, I know it. But it repeats for a reason, Katnes. It comes back for a reason. A Higher Power, the Spirits of those lost–they are trying to tell you sumthin’.”

Tentatively, I take another sip of coffee. “If they are I can’t make it out over the gunfire and the agonized screaming.”



So here I am AGAIN. This is the start of my solo work that I am FINALLY putting together. I am editing and re-releasing the Bear and Hunter Series books one through 12. Then NEW material for that series is line.

In the meantime there is Katnes Marie Chasseur’s story. I listened a TED Talk a few weeks ago about multitasking slow. How geniuses in the science and arts have to work on many different projects for YEARS at a time in order to produce greatness. The idea of focusing on one discipline/problem/subject/project at a time actually caused blocks and stagnation. Switching the focus off of one project onto another project when stuck on the first one facilitated the brain in finding the solution or getting passed the block. So we are going to this for a minute. ENJOY!!