Welcome Day Three

Some notes about my daily walks. One it is really hard not to take a bunch of pictures and cheat, posting them on days I don’t walk. This would be self defeating. I have set a limit on myself: three to six pictures a day. Two I love where I live. I wave at every car passing me. Today 6 out of 8 drivers waved back. Country/Small Town people are pretty friendly. Lastly, I measure my distance by mailboxes. My phone has the Samsung Health App which measures my actual distance and time. What I do is pick a mailbox up a head and walk until I get to it. Each day I pick a further out mailbox.

So without anymore delay, today’s pictures:

The Daily Trees to inspire. From this angle they look like they are in line but they are not.
This is a path into the woods I would like to walk but I am not sure who owns the property.
First Wooly Warm of Autumn. Anyone know the folklore about the coloration and Winter?
A turtle cross in the road. This folklore I know, when turtles cross the road it means rain is coming.
BONUS PIC: My best friend’s two year old not ready to face the day, laying across her mom’s lap.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Day Three

  1. Good morning, AC. I enjoyed this post as I receive many inspirations for words and images on my walks. Just FYI, I am taking a break from Twitter until October 15th. I will look for your blogs and read as I am able. Blessings, Julie

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    1. Thank you for letting me know about Twitter. Sometimes a break from Social Media is good for the Soul. I have taken a month long break from Facebook before. Thank you also for reading my blogs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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