Working in the Writing Community

The movement of Self Publishing has many critics. Most say it is too easy for bad writing to get published.  Some say there is a plagiarism issue. Many struggle to gain traction, a wide readership for their works.

Amazon and other platforms are working to address the plagiarism issues. Since Harlow Hunter and I publish on Amazon I know the KDP platform has a spell check. In recent months they have tightened their review procedure and will not publish if there are too many spelling or grammar mistakes. Now as to how many is “too many” is somewhat subjective. I believe they have a percentage marker but I am not sure.  Being we only publish on Amazon (for now) I do not know if other self publishing sites have similar processes.  While spelling and grammar checks do not ensure well written work it is a start.

I believe Self Publishing gives authors and their works, who might never be published in a traditional way, a chance to get out there in the market.  If their work is not the best then the market weeds them out or they get better.  It takes a lot of work to be your  own publisher and marketer.

One big part is networking with fellow authors, even if they are not in your genre. Spreading the word about your work for each other is another, across various social media is the obvious benefit. For me a more important and meaningful benefit is the exchange of ideas, the feedback and encouragement.  Improving your writing through new perspective and when setbacks in your writing occur having other people to talk to about those setbacks is invaluable.

Though Self Publishing is hard work it is worth it no matter how much or how little money you make. The shared experience of writing and finding a community beyond your local geography is a reward enough.