Reconnecting to a Character

First Katnes

Turning this down time of job searching I have started to reconnect with my characters. Organizing files, documents, notes, pictures (like the one above) is part of this process. Another part is rereading old work and editing current works.

Editing and rereading leads to two feelings. “What was I thinking? That is some crappy writing.” Or “Holy cow this writing is amazing, how did I write that?” There is some mundane middle ground but these two feelings encapsulate the majority of rereading my work.

Rereading is important when creating a series because of sheer amount of history of the characters and events happening in the story. It is hard to keep track of details without taking notes at the time of writing or rereading later. Rereading is a way to keep continuity to the story and lessen the number of possible plot holes.

Distance develops when an author does not write for a time. Editing is a technical process. The mind is focused on grammar, style, spelling. It is not feeling what the character feels. It is not the best way to step back into the character’s shoes. Editing helps make the voice clear. Editing helps with convey the story in a way the reader can understand and follow.

By using editing and rereading, beta readers, friends, reconnection with the character and their story becomes easier and the author’s writing improves.

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