Finding Focus for Writing–for Life


My mind has been spastic. Thoughts going every which way. I have all of these to do list. I have all of these plans to change. And I am treading water.

A little over a year ago I found the above TED talk. It was inspiring and for a while I was able to focus and add good things to my life. Then things got chaotic in life.

I manage bipolar disorder. I manage general anxiety.  While I take medications for both of these and they help it is important to have coping mechanisms for the highs and lows. Exercise and diet go a long way too. Other things people might not consider are regular bathing habits. Vitamins. Sunshine. Fresh Air. Drinking enough water.  Getting enough good sleep. Journaling. Meditation. If you have a faith path, establishing regular spiritual practice.

Putting these habits in place when you are in a stable place make it easier to get through the instability which can happen. It makes the low times shorter. As always it is easier said than done.

That said I am going continue on the journey to improve my health. Anything worth having is worth the work that goes into it.