Subconscious Messages

While I have only dabbled in Dreamwork and Interpretations I do try to figure out what dreams have to tell me.

Many talk about the lofty symbolic meanings of dreams. Especially recurring dreams. The online sites are helpful and most the time have good insights. But….

If you have ever woken up after a dream of bathrooms with your bladder about to explode then you know sometimes your dreams alert you to your physical state. Another common one comes when the person has sleep apnea.

Last night, early this morning, I was having a dream that involved a ton staircases. Then my physical body, which was still asleep start to get really cold. As this happened my dream changed slightly and my dream self started to look for food. I made a waffle in my dream.

Lately I have been struggling with hypoglycemia. There is a family history of diabetes. I have been overweight most of my life. So I have been tested at various points in my life. However, the test have all come back fine.

The body and mind are an amazing thing. They work together in ways most scientists do not understand. My subconscious acted upon instinct and made my conscience realize my blood sugar was dropping.

Sussing out the meaning of the symbolic items is important. Especially as a writer dreams can be the inspiration or the start of a story (more on that later). The imperative thing to recognize are the mundane, the non-symoblic, these are possible clues to your body’s condition.

The mind is truly an amazing thing.

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  1. Yes, AC! The possibilities are endless with our minds. I am thankful you received the message to help stabilize your body. Are you seeing a doctor about the blood sugar changes?


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