Running to Write

Freedoming in Running

This has been my inspiration the last couple of days. I found myself walking on the treadmill yesterday. Today I went outside and walked. Running is not too far in the future.

On my walk on the treadmill I played music on my phone. Today it was nothing. No phone. No music of any kind. Not even a watch. It was good. I thought about my writing. I live out in the country on a gravel road with trees on one side and corn on the other. I thought about poetry. How many poets wrote about corn or the countryside? Bad and mediocre poets trying to make the experience of the rural living Meta.

There have been plenty of novelists who have written about life in the farmlands. One of my favorite authors John Steinbeck was particularly good at it. These thoughts went through my head as I walked.

Then I met a dog. It was a nice puppy of pitbull type. It wasn’t mean or angry. In fact he barked at me and ran away, tail between his legs, when I approached. Then he sniffed my hand and became my walking buddy for a minute. I spotted a cat down a driveway to a trailer park. Tried to approach her and like any cat she took off. So back to the road where my walking buddy waited.

Past a couple more driveways. Another dog watched and then approached. No dog fight. The new pup wasn’t menacing. However, I had already decided to turn around. Back to the house, figuring out what I wanted to do for rest of the day. It is 8:45 am as I come into the house.

Computer on, write this post. Maybe check some Twitter and then editing the rest of the day. Perhaps another walk this afternoon. A break in the maddening  droll editing can sometimes become.

Walking to make my writing better.

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  1. I can do relate to the connection between walking and writing. It helps clear and focus my thoughts, but sometimes it’s a wave of inspiration that needs written! I think we are both on WordPress!

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