Varied Interests

As I sit here watching the All Star Game with my friends I think about some advice from a Self Publishing Twitter Account I follow.

Don’t talk about yourself on your blog and make sure your post all have the same theme.

Thinking back, rereading, I ponder this advice. My use of my own experiences and how they shape my writing, the use of my blog to brainstorm and flesh out ideas, does it follow this advice? And does it really matter?

There are so many literary blogs that critique books or authors. Blogs that post nothing but the authors works which seems to me counter productive if you are trying sell books.

How then does one stand out?

I think instead of trying to stand out or change according to the advice of those who found the “magic formula” of gathering readers, it is more about consistency and relevancy by the author.

Keep putting your work out there. Keep talking about your creative process. Readers will come. They will stay with you. They will bring more readers with them. You will inspire your readers in more ways than simple fiction or poetry or nonfiction. Inspiration will come from the way the characters came to the page.

Perhaps it will even inspire the readers to listen to and find their own characters. Or to find their own creative voice.

As a Passionate Writer of Fascinating Characters I feel to truly share my characters stories is to connect them with my reader outside of the pages of the book. And to do that I share my own creative journey and the varied interests of my life experience.

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