Building the Foundation

After a cursory review of our book the *Bear and Hunter* Series by a screener/editor on a review site and by a friend of mine who works as an editor, my co-author and I took another look at the manuscript. With fresh eyes we both saw some glaring issues–especially with book one. Book one being the most important book to get people hooked into the rest of the series it was the first priority.

I am happy to say the revisions are done and we have re released both the first book on its own and the first compilation in both ebook and paperback formats. In addition my Harlow Hunter and I were able to finally finish the edits and publish the newest book.

This is the beginnings of the New Foundation which I mentioned briefly in The Tower. New directions being taken from the smoldering patch of ground where outdated life structures once stood.

This is step one. Get the editing done. Get the publishing done. Enjoy flexing creative muscle. Enjoy getting back into the world.