When the Goddess Has A Message For You

I had the most amazing dream.

I am a believer in rituals. In this dream was a spiritual guide who taught me an ancient ritual to use to empower the self and find my center. It involved tools and weapons used by Samurais. There were moves in which the weapons were wielded while concentrating on a shrine in front of the practitioner. Two sets of moves and words were spoken in front of two different types of shrines though at the center of both shrines were a depiction of a Bodivista. The ritual also had a prophetic element to it which gave clarity to the questioner.

It turned out the ritual had been taught to me earlier in life by the son of the guide. The son had also given me a shrine set.  So I completed the ritual twice using both shrine sets. The power of the ritual changed. I became the embodiment of the Goddess. However, since I had done the ritual twice there was a duality. A Dark Goddess and a Light Goddess. These dualities struggled with in me until they melded and the Ultimate Goddess was formed with in me.

Overall, it was a powerful and awe inspiring dream.