When a Leader Moves On

The General Manager for the Restaurant I work at is leaving. After 11 years (he started when he was 19) of working in various positions and moving up in management he has decided to go into a different line of work and spend more time with his family. He has been an inspiration to a good many of us at the Restaurant. Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25th will be his last day with us.

Because of this and it being poetry month the following two poems are dedicated to him.

First a Funny Poem:

The Boss

Dear Boss I wish you well this year
And well upon your way from here.
May soon you land on distant shores
Where they won’t let you pray before
They sacrifice your scrawny butt
And hang your head above a hut
Next to the tribal eating place
Where you are served up after grace.

Because they really love to eat
And you are such a lovely treat.
So here’s a ticket. There’s the boat
Happy hunting you old goat.
You are the prize so don’t delay
Just say goodbye and go away!
We won’t be seeing you around
But we will manage anyhow.

The Second a Serious One:

Boss Appreciation Poem

I know that when you lead, we succeed,
Because you know what to do,
To be a Boss, takes a special breed,
I guess you know that too.
It takes confidence and a steady hand,
To control a successful operation,
The ability to listen and understand,
When those you lead need calibration.
Being a Boss is more than supervision,
It requires common-sense indeed,
And we thank you for that vision,
Because when you lead we succeed.