Gaining a Wider Readership

As I have posted my co author and I are working on getting the next book of the *Bear and Hunter* series published. We are still in the editing process. Hoping in the next week to have it out.

In the meantime sales for our books, pages read, have dropped off sharply. I have set up a couple of book promotions in early April which seemed to go over well but that did not lead to pages read like I believe it has in the past. My co author believes it is because we haven’t put out anything new yet. I agree with her. It doesn’t help that the beginning of this year was somewhat volatile with moving and getting a full time job. So I was unable to keep up consistently with our media presence.

Now we are faced with regaining readership and trying to expand readership. Though it is nice to think we have regular readers who are looking for our newest writings it is also telling that our base of readers needs to grow in order for the *Bear and Hunter* series to continue to flourish.

Finding ways to do accomplish the task without paying a ton of money (or no money at all) is a challenge but one that is manageable. Now with my full time job I hope to have some expendable income to go towards actually official Amazon Advertising.

Self publishing is a scary and risky endeavor there is much more market strategy and branding to the authors and book or book series than one might imagine. Doing it without any type of support or without any other income would be nearly impossible. Seeing the gains, even if small, gives a tremendous energy back to us as authors to keep going.