Working a Full Time Job and Writing

In a perfect world our self published book (Harlow Hunter my co-author and I) would make a million dollars–hell even a couple of thousand would be nice–and we neither one would have to work at anything else other than writing.

In reality our book which was first published in September of 2017, A Chance Meeting, and all the subsequent books which followed have as of March 2018 only garnered us $50. Still I don’t feel like this amount is horrible or a failure in anyway. We have done a few different promotions through Amazon (free book giveaways) and they have been popular. Plus the rankings on some of our short ebooks have been in the top #100 a couple of times (for 45 minute reads/supernatural romance).

In an earlier post I wrote about the editing process our previous writings are undergoing. This editing process is being hindered by the need for actual money coming into my wallet.  Seems people who give services liked to be paid. So I am currently working as a Overnight (10 pm to 6 am) Server at Denny’s.

I love my job and is a lot of fun and now there is the opportunity to move up into management. I make decent money in tips. Servers get paid a bit better per hour than they did when I was a server the first time years ago but not by much.

Also contrary to popular belief we still have to claim all tips on taxes. When a server clocks out they are required by the IRS to report 11% of their tips. Part of the percentage is made up of Credit Card tips which is automatically figured and the rest is cash.  While the server doesn’t have to claim all of their cash tips only enough to make the 11% they still have to claim some. So if Credit Card tips equals about 5% then the other 6% must be made up by what a server claims as cash. This is an aside I wanted to share.

Scheduling has been an issue.  I am lucky if I remember to eat or get a decent amount of sleep (which is then filled with nothing but sleep on my days off) so getting editing done is a hard thing to do.  Life Balance people call it.  I call it finding the F***S to Give after coming off a 8 to 10 hour shift of dealing with drunk people and running your ass off. Side note here I have lost 27 pounds since starting work back in January.

The motivational factor gets exponentially harder when I don’t feel like I have my own work space.  So feel the most productive when I come to Denny’s to work on my writing stuff. I get some editing down, a blog entry done and Twitter and Facebook stuff caught up. I hate to do it this way but it is what it is.  Spending all of my time at Denny’s where I work.  Right now I am living with a friend but hopefully once I have my own place I will be able to work there on a more consistent basis.

Until then I will continue to work to get the next installment of the *Bear and Hunter* Series edited and published.