Insecurity in Beliefs

This being Ostara I figured I would write about beliefs.

Earlier today someone asked me if I was a Christian. I knew they are a Christian but as whenever I am asked I explained my beliefs.  No.  I am not a Christian. I believe in a Universal Energy that connects us all and in which we are all a part of a greater purpose. This Universal Energy manifests for me as the God Cernunnos and the Goddess Bast.

So I explain and offer a couple of websites if they would like information.  I don’t tell them they have to go to the websites or they have to believe as I believe or even they are wrong to believe what they believe yet everytime a Christian asks me my beliefs after I am done telling them they feel the need to tell me what they believe.  This baffles me.  It really does.

I don’t know what it is about me telling a Christian my beliefs that makes the questioner defend their own beliefs.  And really that is what it feels like. I don’t asks them their beliefs.  As I stated earlier I don’t question or try to convert. I simply answer the question and suddenly I am being told how much they believe in God and Jesus.

Why? I just told them what I believed (sometimes I even give my journey to my beliefs) do they really feel if they tell me their belief in God and Jesus I will suddenly repent and say “Wow. I was so wrong. I shall follow Jesus from now on.” Simply not going to happen. So to me it seems like when a Christian tells me their beliefs after they have heard my beliefs they are not trying to convert or convince me; they are trying to convince themselves. They feel insecure in the face of someone who doesn’t believe as they do so they must reiterate, out loud, their beliefs to make sure it is still what they believe.

I could be completely wrong but this is my perception. It could actually be that after hearing what I believe the person feels they must try to convert me to Jesus. And in many cases the way to do this is through personal testimony. Still it doesn’t feel like personal testimony or a way to convert.  It straight up feels like a defense of their beliefs which I never questioned in the first place.

Whatever you may believe it is important to know why you believe it, how you got to that point and then be confident in that belief. Confidence though is not the same a ridgedness. To say Jesus was God’s son, he died on a Cross and he conquered death and rose again is great. If it is what lets you sleep at night and makes you feel connected to the great spiritual energy then there you go. However to tell someone else they too must believe this and if they don’t they are going to Hell (a place the person may not even thinks exist) is not okay.

In any case…my thoughts are this…if you asks for someone’s beliefs, if you asks someone if they are a Christian, and they say no and they tell you what their beliefs are because you asked, there is no need to tell the person you believe in Jesus. Chances are good they probably already know you believe in Jesus and are simply answering your question.