Cleaning House on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a time for family and friends.  Gifts given and gifts received. Some people have already been frantically cleaning their house in preparation for the incoming relatives.

This cleaning is done between rushing to buy food items and presents (both in big box stores and online).  Then cooking the said food items into glorious dinner (though some people Christmas breakfast).

The franticness is ramped up when you have children, especially more than one. And especially when the school aged ones are unleashed back to their families for two weeks of break.

Personally I do not have the above problems but am still cleaning house. Both in a physical and a spiritual way.  The longest night of year has passed so now each day is a little longer and the light and warmth are returning. In preparation for the light it is a great it is the perfect time to cleanse and restart.  Setting up new habits (not ones you say in a drunken stupor on New Year’s) so they are ingrained in the mind and body, ready for the New Year and the light.

So today is my day to clean and set a new direction in anticipation of the New Year and the opportunities it brings.