Discussing Story Ideas

So I am talking with a friend who has a great idea for a book which he is sharing it with me at the moment. His wife my best friend since high school is a writer who has been working on her novel off and on since she was in sixth grade.

She also has been working on various short stories for different contests.  Her writings have been doing fairly well in these contests.

I am surrounded by readers and writers. I love all the ideas we come up with the characters, the worlds. It helps most of them are also gamers of some sort. Plays RPGs (Tabletop and computer/console) and other types of console games.

We are a bunch of literary geeks. This is due to the fact most of my friends and myself are English majors/degrees. If not English majors/degrees they have degrees in some kind of social science.

So it isn’t only having an idea it is how it is written. Spelling? Proper grammar?  Word choice? Sentence structure?

Then it is the research. Where did they come from? How is the time period/world laid out?  If in modern times or based off modern times is it accurate enough to meet the standard of disbelief?

When an idea doesn’t work out it either gets scrapped or reworked. This is the life of the writer. These are the friends of a writer.