Morning Ritual Update

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Now for the actual subject of this blog post.

A while back I wrote about rituals. Particularly early morning rituals and how they relate to not only having a good day and staying motivated but how they can work for your writing.

So some updates and results from my rituals. Mornings now go fairly smoothly and I feel awake and ready for the day before I ever get out of bed. I have always been prone to ache, especially when I am stressed. It seems acne is my stress response instead of my hair turning grey, which I will take. Anyway, since I started washing my face every morning the acne has been cut down dramatically.

My wash routine only involves Equate Neutrogena type liquid face soap, hot water and a toner after. The toner is part apple cider vinegar and part witch hazel.  It is that simple. Now for the hard part. Besides having acne I am one of those people who can’t leave the pimple alone. Which of course has lead to scarring. It isn’t too noticeable but there are dark spots clustered on my left cheek and a few across my chin. I am going to start trying a new regiment I am going to try using lemon juice. You apply the lemon juice after washing your face, only to the spots you want to lighten, and let it set for 10 to 20 minutes. Some sites say over night if you are using it like I am which is to lighten the dark scars from the acne. After the lemon juice sets then you rinse it off.

I am also on the lookout for a face lotion. I have not found one I like yet. They either feel greasy or feel to “heavy” like it is blocking my skin from breathing. But I know I need to find a lotion because between the vinegar and the lemon juice my skin is going to dry out. Drinking plenty of water helps some and using a humidifier as well but those are not going to be enough.

I have also added Vitamin E to my daily vitamin/medicine. I take one capsule per day as directed and drink plenty of water. While Vitamin E is fat soluble vs water soluble the extra water doesn’t necessary help the extra out of your system but drinking plenty of water doesn’t hurt…unless you drink too much in a short period of time.

Outside of the face cleaning routine I have added another ritual. Reading my Tarot and Oracle daily. My Oracle deck is a Crystal Oracle Deck. It has pictures of several different type of gems and stones. Each gem or stone has an Affirmation and an Intention to go with it. I get out my Oracle deck first, shuffle focusing on what the intention of the day will be. I then randomly draw a card and read it.

I have started a Daily Meditation Journal. When I pull the card I write down what the picture of the stone is, the affirmation and the intention. I think place it on the corner of the table where I am doing my Tarot Reading. This Intention is held then in my mind and drawn into the reading of my Cards.

Sometimes I asks the cards a question. Though recently I simple let my mind choose how many cards I want to pull and then I divine the meaning from there.  I use a Shadowscape Deck. Tarot cards are personal thing. My Shadowscape Deck is only for my personal use. I have never read anyone else’s fortune with this deck. I have another deck a Steampunk Deck that I have used for readings for other people. Though now that deck is primarily for Spell Work. (More on that in a moment.) Thankfully I already have a third deck, an Alice In Wonderland deck which will be for public general readings.

After I pull the number of cards I think are needed for the or do a specific spread (I do specific spreads less often) I write them down in my journal and meditate on there meaning in relation to both my life and the intention card I pulled.

Some mediums who work with Tarot say there is no point in reading your Tarot everyday since most day to day events and activities are routine and don’t change in big ways. However, I do not use the cards for future telling (at least for the most part). I use the card to see where I need to focus my energies and see what new perspectives I can use.

For example in the past two weeks the Wheel of Fortune card has come up almost every day. This to me says I need to continue to be patient and let go of control because the Universe in its infinite wisdom is answering my requests/opening up an opportunity for a solution. If and when the Wheel of Fortune stops coming up either the solution will have already manifested or other cards will tell me it is time for me to do something instead of leaving it up to Outside Forces.

The Oracle too gives me the same cards or cards with a similar theme. Again I take those as a sign as to where to put my energy and focus. For example the theme for the past two weeks has been the theme of abundance and wealthy, prosperity coming into my life by focusing on gratitude and doing things to cultivate the abundance.

After my daily ritual of Tarot Reading I move on to the rest of my morning routine and my day.

As for the Tarot Spells: I don’t do Tarot Spells everyday but when I do do them they are part of my daily readings (done after the reading is over).

There is a specific way in which I do these Spells. Casting the circle, asking for divine guidance and blessing from my chosen God and Goddess and then doing the Spell.  I have a Tarot Spell book from which I get my spells. The spells require certain cards and some spells ask for objects/tools to work with. There is an Affirmation you say either as you place each card in the designated pattern or after all of the cards are in place. There is visualize involved so as to truly feel what the spell in focusing on. After the spell is complete I thank the God and Goddess for their guidance and blessings and take down the circle.

Again this is not done on a daily basis but when needed or when there is a specific request I have.

The lemon juice for my scars and the daily Tarot Reading are the things I have added or will add. Besides these things I am working on adding exercise to my routine, perhaps not necessarily at the start of the day and stop drinking soda (drink large amounts of soda being another reaction to stress).

Little changes, one change at a time, is what makes habits and rituals stick and become a natural part of the daily routine. However,  you must be careful not to let your rituals become a mindless task. Being in the present moment of the ritual and focusing on what it means for you is important.