Quick Note For Breakfast (Or Brunch if you Prefer)

Because of my lack of sleeping, though it has gotten better the past couple of nights, I have not been getting up as early as I would like. I however continued my morning routine. Still going strong after 30+ days only missing two days (the mornings after not being able to sleep).

Missing those two days though made a world of difference in how the entire day went and how I felt during the day. So doing better to start this week off. Cleaning the apartment and putting up Yule decoration also helped.

Clutter is a killer.  Don’t let anyone tell you different. Clutter exacerbates depression and anxiety. I am especially mindful of the kitchen.  Because I do the majority of the cooking and I love to bake I consider the kitchen my domain. And I have discovered over the years the state of my kitchen reflects the state of my mind. An orderly, clean kitchen is a good sign. A slightly messy kitchen happens sometimes, exhaustion, baking, a party which ran long and too tired to clean up after. However, if the slightly messy kitchen doesn’t get cleaned up within a couple of days and becomes even more messy then there are problems.

Clutter also sneaks up on you and comes in cycles. I will be doing fine, get everything in order and maybe a week, maybe two weeks later the Clutter builds. Especially clothes. Clothes have been my enemy my entire life. I don’t hang them up or put them in draws rightway so there starts to be two piles, one is clean and one is dirty and sometimes they crawl towards each other and start to mingle.

Papers too become an issue. The death of so many trees.

The death of my grandfather (back in 2012) and then my grandmother moving down to my Aunt’s (2015ish) lead me to realize how much junk there was. They were both, particularly my grandmother, pack rats. After grandfather died she didn’t get rid of much of his stuff outside of clothes. So two large storage sheds, one garage, and a house had to be gone through (and we are still going through stuff). A friend of mine moving in with me also helped me realize how much junk I had as well.  Since moving and I still have my roommate, we have managed to pare down my unnecessary junk to a couple of boxes of scrapbooking memorabilia and other sentimental items placed on shelves. My roommate and I have also managed to work all of our different holiday decorations into one box. Yule, Halloween/Fall, Ostara/Spring, Midsummer and Chinese New Year’s. We have the wreaths for our door in their own cases.

Paring down so much has been a relief and felt good because we gave many things away and recycled as much as possible. It gave me a chance to relive and give up old bad memories and figure out what memories I really wanted to keep and have around me. But most of all it gave me the space to breathe.