Sleepless Nights Mean Walking Through a Haze

I have had a horrible time sleeping the last two nights. I where a CPAP and according to it (when I wore it) I got about 2ish hours of somewhat quality sleep total.

This means I am off the my morning routine now and the day is a Haze. Getting things done seems to be Molasses slow. Still one must plug on there are things to do.

Getting book eight of the Bear and Hunter Series edited and published is one goal. Then moving on to make books one through eight a collective available as an ebook and in paperback. Finishing section 17 for the series to be turned into a book is also on the agenda. Cleaning and editing several more sections for publication is on the list.

Outside of the Bear and Hunter Series there is reading/research to be done for Katnes’ stand alone book.  The parts I do have written need to possibly be rewritten in a different Point of View.

Then besides the writer’s work there is everyday maintenance cleaning to be done, laundry, dishes, etc. This weekend my roommate and I hope to put up Yule decorations.

That is majority of the major stuff. There will always be little things as well.

So what is a sleepless writer to do? I am starting with drinking more water today, no soda and no second cup of coffee.  I have had a second cup in the early afternoon the past two days which is not my norm so I figured cut this and see. Also, possibly, I will get up the energy to walk on the treadmill no later than 3 pm. A big part of my problem at night is Restless Leg Syndrome (They should really call it Restless What is my Whole Body Doing Syndrome). I take Magnesium and Prescription medication for this and while it usually works it has not apparently been cutting it the last two nights. Exercise and taking a shower before bed are recommended by the ole’ Google to combat RLS naturally. Can’t hurt to walk the treadmill I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway.

Plodding along fixing what I can. It is the best any of us can hope for right?