Father Christmas–AKA Santa Clause

Holly King Image

Cernunnos. The Great Horned God. Like many Christmas traditions Santa Claus is an adaption from a Germanic Tradition (this is not to say other traditions don’t have their own versions of Santa Claus it is the “mainstream” idea of which I speak).

To be complete in the understanding of Christmas traditions many of our now “mainstream” practices are from Celtic traditions as well.  Rather than go into/copy and paste from a website which explains the Woodsy Santa I am going to provide this link. Cernunnos, The Great Horned God, Dual Aspects of Oak King and Holly King.  I have always loved the idea of Santa and have found Cernunnos to embody the natural cycles of Earth which I try to follow. Thus in a way Father Christmas is my God.

This is a surprising short post but I am sure I will make up for it later.