Being Profound

Finding the words to write everyday on a blog or on Facebook or in a story to be published can be difficult.  Some days it doesn’t happen at all. The words don’t come, you feel ill, life distracts you, a myriad of reasons.

Thankfully now there is imbedded media. A couple of unprofound sentences and some pictures or a video makes for an entertaining, interesting entry. Yet, that same media cannot be put in the midst of a story. How well would a novel go over if in the middle of it was the “Gummy Bears” song.  Turn the page and a dancing green bear greets you? You might think you are reading Vonnegut or T.S. Elliot.

This is why having a life outside of writing, having a passion, habit, or even mundane house work, helps break up the strain on the brain which inevitably comes from thinking too hard on your writing. Unless you are a big name author who does a volume business, with most of the work done by ghost writers, *cough* James Patterson *cough,* then it is not necessary to stress yourself out everyday all day over getting a certain page or word count.

I support National Novel Writing Month. However, too many people I know get themselves worked up and stressed out over the daily word count and give up before the month is out. Not to say National Novel Writing Month is to blame. Especially when there is a community of people to support, encourage and give tips on how to make your word count.

National Novel Writing Month is simply not for everyone. Personally, the free flow of ideas and scenes work much better than any outline. I do try to set deadlines and stick to them but I don’t allow those deadlines to make me a basket case.

Stressing over being profound, getting a word count or simply killing the dreaded blinking cursor on a blank page, actually leads to mundane or even worse bad writing.

With the Holidays upon us it is more stressful to find time to write and to write well.  So use this time instead to mull over ideas, make an outline if that is what works for you, brainstorm new ideas, make character backgrounds. All of these things can be done in on the back burner of your brain as you bake the turkey, make the stuffing and clean the dishes up afterwards. You might be surprised at what your brain has come up with when you bring the bubbling pot to the front burner.