Tis’ the Season…

I meant to post yesterday but I was a bit busy:

The cornbread is going to be crumbled up for dressing today and I am making candied sweet potatoes as well.

I didn’t have two round pie dishes so the square one I used for Apple pie. My grandmother makes a fabulous pie crust. Alas I didn’t inherit that gift. Cakes and cookies and breads but no pie crust for me.

Everything is made from scratch (minus the pie crust).

I am going to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on Friday.

Writing is like baking. Sometimes you use a recipe, an outline for what needs to go into the baked goods. Yet, it isn’t necessary to follow it line for line if you feel the creative itch to try a new path. Add some spice, substitute, see what happens. This is what research is for. If everything has been done under the sun then it is time to take those ideas and springboard into new and tasty territory. This is why I bake as much from scratch as much as possible. Building from the ground up is fun and more satisfying in the end. It gives you a chance to proudly say, “I made this and it is unique.”