We’re All Mad Here

Boredom can kill you.

Boredom is also a sneaky bastard, striking when you least expect it or for unknown reasons.

People will see me in the midst of doing all sorts of things and I will mention I am bored and they will be perplexed by this. It is because my brain is not engaged.

So discovery: I went to google the definition of boredom, using dictionary.com or something similar and I came across this article.

Scientific America–Bored to Death: Chronically Bored People Exhibit High Risk-Taking Behavior

I had not a clue this was a thing.  The More You Know.

The More You Know Star

(Side note on how Old School I am.)

So boredom is a mind thing which can cause high risk behavior, drug use, alcoholism…or in my case creating more characters, figuring out more situations to get them into or marketing strategies for our books.

I also tend to seek out and talk more to people, whether in person, online or on the phone…sometimes on text but it is really hard for me to type as fast as I can think on a phone keyboard…even if they now have the QWRTY touchscreen keyboard.

Talking leads to random conversations, rarely ever serious and if in person at a friend’s house could possibly lead to a impromptu stand up comedy routine on my part.

Being bored can lead to productivity and new ideas to try out.

The following is a list of things I have researched/have done/will do because I was bored:

  1. Made Lavender Jelly
  2. Attempted to make lemongrass jelly (turned out as syrup because it didn’t gel right)
  3. Made Rose Jam
  4. Made a homemade hair mask (and used it)
  5. Started crocheting (taught myself and still have a ton of patterns to do)
  6. Made mint jelly
  7. Figured out my own way to make Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies because the grocery store didn’t have pumpkin spice pudding like the recipe I found called for
  8. Made my own coffee table out of a glass top left at the house I rented by previous tenants, two empty clean plastic flower pots, and a bunch of ornamentsCoffee Table
  9. Learned Archery
  10. Made Applebutter
  11. Made Blackbean Brownies
  12. Made Black Russian Brownies
  13. Made Tabasco Chocolate Cookies
  14. Made Lemon Lavender Cookies
  15. Made London Fog Cookies (Those didn’t turn out so well as it was my first time using actual Vanilla bean and I used it incorrectly)
  16. Made Applebutter
  17. Made Mochi (with the help of a friend)
  18. Made Fire Jack Daniels Fudge
  19. Made Jack Daniels BBQ
  20. Started Learning Languages on Duolingo (another suggestion from a friend)
  21. Learned to make dreamcatchers (mostly for wedding presents)

As you can see the majority of these things are food related or craft related. I have also tried my hand at composting and gardening (not at the same time).

Another side note while searching for a picture from FB I came across this article:

NPR–Students Share the Downside of Being Labeled ‘Gifted’

If it isn’t obvious by now I was a gifted student.  I am not meaning to brag or anything of the sort with this post (or any of my post–past or future). Instead I suppose my point is anyone can be bored.  Even if they are the busiest person on the planet they may be bored out of their gourd.

Most of the things I have done were because I wanted to see if I could.  It was a challenge to myself. That is the second point. The only way out of boredom is to challenge yourself and find something of interest or even something you may say, “Heck. Anyone can do that.” Then find out if you can.

Push your greymatter to its limits and beyond, have fun, live life to the fullest.

If you would like to find out more about the inner workings of my mind check out my publications, including a collection of poetry recently made available on Amazon.