And Now For Something Completely Different

While I have been uninspired the last few days I thought to look back over some previous work.  This lead to the rediscovery of my poetry written for various college level English courses.  I had posted the collection of my poetry as one of my future project. When I started to go back over them it seemed like the future was now.  So I collected them up (put them all in one Word document), formatted them and submitted them for publishing. 

Down the Road, Not Across the Lane: A Collection of Amateur Poetry is now available on Amazon.  I, in the meantime, feel a bit more inspired and can move forward with other projects both literary and domestic in nature. (Yay for dishes and laundry!)

One of big domestic projects is to finish gathering up items to give away. This is to expand on the earlier post about being grateful. I recently found out my local Habitat for Humanity takes donations. Once I gather everything up I will be giving to them.

There are few charitable organizations I believe in, those which truly do good work. If you are looking for groups to give to this year I strongly recommend the following:

Heifer Project International

The Red Cross (I give Blood only, no monetary donations)

UMCOR(This is through the United Methodist Church and they are amazing. I know for a fact every $1.00, the whole dollar, goes to the crisis at hand. All administrative costs are covered by the United Methodist Church.)

Habitat for Humanity

I hope you will take the time to look into these organizations and find other local organizations which will need your help not only during the Holiday Season but year round. There is several homeless shelters in my local area I support as well as these national ones.

Giving back to the community strengthens bonds of the community but also feeds the soul. A fed soul is something a writer needs if they want to continue to write well.