…And Whether Pigs Have Wings

This is going to be another random rambling post.

Coming up on Thanksgiving and the thought of family and friends gathering together to stuff their faces with turkey and trimmings doesn’t exactly make me feel all cozy and grateful. For years now Thanksgivings has been a speed bump on the way to Christmas. Heck each year even Halloween gets more and more playtime. Practically the first day of September the back to school comes down and Witches and Ghosts go up.

This comes from a deep and ever present chasim of never good enough. A consumer, throw away society. A culture of people who are constantly miserable until the next iPhone comes out, then five minutes after they have it in their hand, they sink deeper into the miserable abyss from which their they came in the first place.

So for what can we be truly and genuinely grateful?

I am grateful for the acid reflux I experienced at midnight…it reminds me that had a dinner the night before when others did not.

I am grateful for better living through chemistry…the daily pills I take for my disorders and pain killers for my headaches.

I am grateful for the ache in my hips…it reminds me though I don’t like walking around Aldi’s or Walmart, I can.

I am grateful for my eyes being itchy…it reminds me that I can see even if I have to wear contacts or glasses.

Finally I am grateful for the regular things, my family, my friends. A place warm aND dry to sleep. Food in my stomach. Running water and an indoor toilet.

The time of year is here to be grateful for what we have. To truly appreciate the here and now. Stop comparing ourselves to the Jones and enjoy the moment.