…Or Wait 20 Minutes

I am awake.

Having already posted twice today I debated about the value of posting again. Or I could wait 20 minutes and my post would be the first of a new day. Thinking about the length my post tend to be (and take me to write) it my still be the first post of tomorrow before I actually publish it.

This is the ramblings of a writer who is tired but could not fall asleep when she went to bed at the respectable Adult hour of 10 p.m. This is also the rambling of a writer who is putting off making edit changes to the document which will be book seven of the Bear and Hunter Series.

Procrastination is a tricky and ugly enemy. It takes the form of ADD. Of “Hey what are you guys doing, can I join?” Of “Oh well…that thing will only take a couple of minutes to do and I have X number of hours before it has to be done.” With the dawning of social media procrastination now runs rampant. Like an evasive vine destroying the underlying brick.

Great example, me writing this not waiting 20 minutes and at the moment only taking 10 minutes to write the nonsensical verbiage I can type on this blog.

“To sleep, per chance to dream…”

Shakespeare is always a good way to end the night.