Theme Music For Characters

I had many thoughts for what I would write for today’s post.  When I write a post on this blog I work out a vague outline in my head as to what points I would like to cover.  Then I write and make the points.  Of the many ideas floating around in my head none of them are really concrete yet.

So what I decided to do is share music that inspires me and makes me think of my character, Katnes Marie Chasseur, and various events in her life.  This method may not be for everyone yet for me many of Katnes’ scene play out in my head as I listen.  She seems to use the music to tell me her story.

I hope you enjoy the following music for your Tuesday Morning:

Katnes’ Theme (General)

Next is her relationship song that encapsulates her relationship with Gale

General Songs which encapsulates her journey (and struggle) through the Hunter Ranks and Attempt to build a Hunter Network in American

Finally Katnes and Ursa’s Love Song

All videos are the proper of the artist or YouTube poster.  I claim no royalty rights to any of the above songs.

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