What Monday Blues? Opportunity Awaits!

Another way to keep your head up against discouragement is to make a plan for the week ahead.  It doesn’t have to be down to the minute or every little thing needing to be accomplished.  Many times you start one project, four more come up and pretty soon you have accomplished way more than you originally thought you would. So a loose plan of goals for the week. Not only writing goals but general life goals.  If you haven’t noticed I am all about being well rounded and improving all aspects of one’s life.

This weeks goals for me include decluttering my bedroom, keeping on top of the dishes, taking no longer needed items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, and the editing and publishing of Book Six of the Bear and Hunter Series.  Those are few of the items on my list.  I used to write out a list per day but now I find myself setting the goals and things to do for the entire week instead, again not assigning a specific day unless necessary.  So far this new system has helped me not only stay on track but get more done.

It also keeps my mind focused on the goals ahead and what opportunities they present.

Yet, it is also good to let the Universe work in your favor.  Do your part diligently and then as my Yogi Tea Tag Reminded me last night:

Let Things Come to You

Patience is the key.  Envisioning your book sales.  Envisioning the story on the page. Keeping a positive and open mind to allow the energies of the cosmos to work for you.

This is also part of the reason I suggest working on all aspects of one’s life.  Like a baker making bread, you let one area of your life rise and then come back to it when it is ready to be baked.  In the meantime you don’t have to stand there and watch it rise, go work on other baked goods.

The Fifth Book of the Bear and Hunter Series is now available.  Check out my Current Publications Page to keep up with the latest writings.