Character Research for Self Exploration

Katnes Marie Chasseur, my character in the Bear and Hunter Series, will have her own stand alone background story book.  Arch Chasseur is the working title at the moment.

Katnes’ backstory, which is summed up in a blurb on the Ideas in the Works page, will take a lot of research to fully develop.  

Katnes Bookmarks

As you can see I have already started research online and have the dedicated bookmark for her story.

More leg work must be done offline as well.  Through books.  Some of the books I listed in the first post of the day are related to research on Arch Chasseur.  While imagination and “making it up” can be done, in order for the reader to suspend disbelief (particularly in an urban or modern fantasy) a certain aspect of realism has to happen.  I personally have never worked as a Gunrunner or assassinated people or hunted demons.  So these are things to research.  Also I am a believer in the idea that you write in the style you read.  This translates into fiction novels about assassins and nonfiction books about everything else. In an earlier post I also mentioned learning new languages as well through Duolingo. Furthermore, in one of the first post where I outlined the creation of Katnes I mentioned archery.  I am working on archery lessons and I have my own recurve bow.  To my roommate’s annoyance (depending on the dish) I have a list of German foods I would like to try cooking.

Even though I am not writing at the moment on Katnes’ story I am still working on it.  My research involves more than googling and the library.  One of the many reasons I enjoy writing is because of how it makes me grow as a person.  It helps me explore ideas I would have never thought of as interesting to me. 

In the meantime during this research period, I continue to work with Harlow Hunter on the Bear and Hunter Series.  The next two books, five and six, we hope to have published by the first of this next week. Of course, life also happens.  Cleaning, laundry and dishes.  Though these mundane tasks can also helping in the journey of writing.  More on that later.

If you would like to read the current series with Harlow Hunter check out the Current Publications page for the link.