The Secret to Not Being Discouraged

It has been four days since any of our series gas sold, or even been read. I did do a free book promotion that seemed to generate great interest. Yet, here me and my fellow author sit with no recent sales.

Looking at various websites which give advise about how to market and make better sales has helped. Most of them have the same message: Patience, and keep writing.

But how does one do that without getting discouraged? It helps that I co-write with a good friend of mine. It helps to go back over your writings, not editing but simply reading, enjoying the feel of the work without judging.  It helps to get new ideas on to paper or typed up, maybe even start to flesh out some of them.  It helps to start researching ideas or background for your current story, reading material in the style you are writing, or reading a different style and writing in that style for a while.  It helps to listen to music you like, maybe find songs that match your character’s personality, or a scene in the story.

And in the meantime, write on your blog.  Work on your twitter.  Work on your Facebook.  Work on your Tumblr.  Market.  Market.  Market.  Yet, you are not yelling, “BUY MY BOOK!!”  instead you are showing a well rounded author.  Someone who is interested in more than selling their book.  It is about giving people interesting tidbits about your story and yourself as a writer.

Patience.  Keep writing.  It will happen.