Random Things Searched During Gaming Sessions

It amazes me the interesting things my friends and I research during gaming sessions and for our stories.

I once spent 30 minutes plus researching wine so I could write a good description of a bottle of wine which was introduced during a dinner scene in a story. I know tons about the female anatomy now because of the time when a friend of mine wrote a horrible rape scene involving a lit candle.

I now know the gestustaional period for both wolves and bears. I know the growth cycle of a human fetus. And I know that a baby kicking for too long can cause the soon to be mother heartburn.

Tonight, we had to look up what makes up heroine. Our RPG takes place in modern times and so drugs are a thing along side the technology, magic, and supernatural elements.

While sharing my creative works with the entire world appeals to me, the amount of time, enegry, emotional and mental power expended deserves compensation.

This has now started onto a different subject, to go indepth with another time, yet I will say this: Writing is work. It is not something that magically happens, at least not well written stories. If work is involved it is only fair  payment be made.

Totally different subject than what I started with but hey bound to happen once in a while.