Inspiration from Music

I have always had a love for music.  When I was a little girl my grandmother would take me around nursing homes to visit the elderly and sing to them.  Paired with my great love of music is my amazing memory.  So I rarely needed a songbook, hymnal or sheet of music.  I would sing it once or twice and I would have the song down.

This love of music crosses all genres.  When you see the meme where the person says, “What music you do like?” and the second person says, “You aren’t ready for this conversation.”  That really is me.

My main playlist on YouTube has 357 songs and counting.  I have a separate list for songs from Musicals that I like that has about 15 songs, another list for just Classical music that has about 15 songs, a third list for techno and a fourth list for what I call Big Band.  And of course a list for K-Pop/Baby Metal.  I would kill on ‘Name That Tune,’ just saying.

My first rock concert was Ozzfest.  I have been to a Symphonetic Playing of Music from Final Fantasy.  I have seen Phantom of the Opera, Cabaret, Hello Dolly, The Unsinkable Molly Brown…some of those I don’t remember (I was two years old when I saw it) and some of them were College Productions…but that is only to name a few. The last two concerts I went to were Baby Metal, which is a Metal/J-Pop fusion group.


The year before a friend of mine and I went to see a K-Pop group called Big Bang.

So what is my point? 

Much like I said in my previous post about how Katnes came to be, that for years characters told me bits of their story and then seemed to disappear, music does much the same.  The reasons I like a certain song is that the words speak to me.  Tell me a story.  And sometimes there doesn’t even have to be words to tell the story.  Think of Fantasia or Bugs Bunny.  The artwork, the “Plot” were created around a piece of music that had no words.

Side Note about Rhapsody in Blue it is one of my favorite blues/jazz pieces and the main reason I want to learn the clarinet.

There is a story in song.  Sometimes not the one you expect.  Sometimes not one you want to hear.  Such is the power of music to move and inspire those of us who create characters and worlds.

I do not possess the talent to pull notes out of the air and write songs.  I possess little talent to illustrate my characters.  What I do possess is the ability to harness the creative inspiration found in music, found in art, to enhance and tell the story of characters both seen and unseen by the composer of the work.

What music most inspires you?  What song speaks to you?  What does it say?