Why I Write

I have always had a love of writing. When I was being potty trained and was moving from the kid’s toilet to the grown up’s toilet, I had a crying fit because I couldn’t figure out how to balance my tiny behind on the seat and still hold my book to read. While my classmates were being scared by Goosebumps, in third grade, I was reading “Eyes of the Dragon” by Stephen King. 

Writing became a passion in first grade when we read in class the book “The Jolly Postman: Or Other People’s Letters” by Janet and Allan Ahelberg and I took it upon myself to write letters back on behalf of the characters in the book. In second grade I wrote murder mysteries and nonfiction stories about polar bears. Eighth grade poetry became my strong suite, with the exception of one story about an alien abduction that was written so well my teacher was freaked out. 

I have always been able to capture a snippet, a moment in a character’s life. It is like the character gives you a short film to watch and it is your job to translate it onto the page. Using words to create the imagery, the emotion, the essential life of the character is a passion and a craft that I continually strive to perfect.