How A Main Character was Born Part One

Most of my life I have had characters flitter through my head.  They would give me a brief scene in my head,  I would write the scene…and then they would leave.  Many a time I would try to write beyond the scene given to me, but my writing would quickly go downhill.  The scene would be beautiful and detailed and descriptive and anything after would be mucky soup.

My friends and I play Tabletop Role Playing Games (though we don’t use tables?).  I joined one particular campaign that started about five years BEFORE I joined and that was about 12 years ago.  It is an ever evolving campaign, the goals of which may complete shift at a moment’s notice.  It started out as a Vampire Campaign.  But the DM and players, who also played Dungeons and Dragons, liked the D20 system better and found it easier to grow the characters in a D20 system.  So…a transformation of a D10 to D20 system was undertaken.  At this point the campaign is really no longer a Vampire Campaign and is most like a Pathfinder Campaign.

Building characters, but more importantly building the story, is more important to all of the players in this campaign than the rules in the book.  Not to say we don’t follow the rules at all, we are simply a little more lax about how they are applied.   When the campaign started all those years ago at one point there were as many as seven players plus the DM.  Now we are down to myself and one other person…plus the DM.

When I started with this campaign I had one character.  This character was a Japanese Eastern Vampire who was an assassin and the head a Yakuza branch in New York.  She was pretty fun to play but got off in a direction I did not like.  So we killed her off.  My next character was loosely based on a Unsub from the first Season of Criminal Minds.  She loved fire and her family was killed in a house fire, she was only survivor.  Every time there as a series of 3-3-3 she would be compelled to set the person or thing on fire (Extreme OCD).  She was turned to a Malkavian and lost her memory.  A priest of St. Cuthbert took her in and she became a Paladin. When she started she was a PhD student in Chemistry/Hematology.  Side Note: A friend of mine told me today that I should write the backstory of Alice, that is the character’s name, and publish it as a book.  Alice was my second character of the campaign I am still playing her to this day.  She was actually in a different campaign that we had started with another girl, who no longer plays with us and I loved Alice so much plus we had just killed off my first character that we decided to move Alice over to the “Main” campaign. 

Before I get to the point of this post–which is the creation of my main story character–I will quickly mention in subsequent posts I will talk about my other characters that I have created over time.  But to mention them all here would take WAAAAYYY too long. Actually now that I think about it I am going to go ahead and wrap up this part…there is much more to even the story of my main character and how she came to be.  Continue on to Part Two.